Freddy benefited from our Membership

Freddy is an Italian wine importer and running his business at home and online. However, he still needs a business address for his name card, as “Registered Address”, and receiving mail. He joins Membership because it is more than an address! He can use our conference room for wine tasting, and freely to use our business lounge for free coffee and causal meeting with his friends and clients. Freddy also benefits from our networking events to increase its business exposure. Freddy business is growing fast and receives lots of enquiries. He needs someone to help him to take orders or answering all incoming calls. Therefore, he added “Telephone Answering Services” into his service. Our professional receptionist answers all incoming calls for him and he never misses a business.

He only pays HK$3,200 per year for all these services!

Carrie can share her office cost with her friends.

Carrie is a Public Relations Consultant. She wants to have a small furnished office or a private office in business location. But, she is not able to afford the rent of a private office. She thinks of co-working space or hot desk, but no privacy. Tammy is an Event Organizer and who is also looking for a small office space. Therefore, they share an office at Anlex which is a furnished private office.

They only pay HK$6,000 per person per month to have a private serviced office.

Solved Ian temporary office space problem

Ian is a Data Migration consultant in Hong Kong. He receives a project and need to hire 3 temporary technical persons to do a 3-month job. But, neither his office nor his client’s office has sufficient space to accommodate 3 temporary technical persons. Ian decided to use Anlex “Designated Co-working Area” for his temporary staff. They can work in a nice and quiet “Designated Co-working area” with a private desk.

Ian only pays HK$300 per desk per day.

Gregory has more flexibility with Anlex

Gregory is from France and would like to set up an office in Hong Kong. But, the cost to set up a 1,000 square feet office in Hong Kong is around HK$500,000 including a two-month rental deposit, one-month advanced payment, decoration, office furniture, office equipment, and internet and telephone set up etc.

Gregory do not know how good is the business, he prefers to invest half million into marketing not fixture and furniture. He decided to use Anlex. He used a serviced office for 3 operation staff and himself. As the salesperson does not in office all the time, he occupied 3 hot desks for the salespersons. It helps him to cut down the cost and have more flexibility.

Now, he only pays HK$25,000 for a private serviced office and 3 hot desks.

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